Skyfall! What a Blast!

Yup, movie review here. I’ve seen a lot of movies these last few months. I’m dealing with writer’s stagnation. Movies help me escape from my self-doubt and screaming inner demons.

Give me a good action movie, some explosions, chase scenes…I forget my woes. Same with a good animated feature. No sobby stuff, please.( Love mysteries, but no one does those anymore.)

Now, I’ve come to the Daniel Craig Bond really late. I liked Pierce Brosnan and even Timothy Dalton, wasn’t sure about a blond Bond. But now that he’s going grey? Well, I saw the previews for Skyfall and thought, I need to see that!

But I couldn’t without seeing the first two. Luckily, they were available with my cable On-Demand service. So…watched ‘em. Liked ‘em! More for Judi Densch than Daniel. I mean, yeah…he’s good. And built like a brick wall but I wasn’t totally sold. Though I really liked the dynamic between Bond and M.

Skyfall showed that relationship to a particular degree. I especially adored the acknowledgment that Bond, and M, are showing their age. Bond especially. I mean, how often can this guy leap onto hard services and not show some knee pain? Get punched over and over and over and not hold his ribs?

I understand it’s a fictional super-duper hero type story, but I find when I see a more realistic portrayal of someone pushing on despite the pain, etc…I am more able to buy the story.

And I bought Bond totally this time. His reaction to the young Q was wonderful. Not to mention the play with the villain when he’s tied to a chair… 😉 (Won’t spoil that for anyone. We can discuss it later if you like!)

It’s a great story, very intricate, digging deeper into Bond and even M’s history than in the other movies. And we finally are joined be a very familiar name from the books. I won’t say and spoil it for those who haven’t seen it.

From the opening sequence and opening credits, with a song by Adele that fit the storyline perfectly…it’s a fun movie!

And let’s hear it for the mature hero!

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  1. Don’t know what I’d do without movies. I’ve enjoyed all of Daniel Craig’s Bond movies and will go to see Skyfall again. It was wonderful to have one directed by a top director and I loved Adele’s song! If you’re interested in seeing a younger Craig, rent Layer Cake, a great British mobster movie. He plays a Yuppie gangster. And he was good in Spielberg’s Munich too.

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